Creator Shigeru Miyamoto talks about Zelda U’s side quests


Since Nintendo showed a gameplay demo about the upcoming Legend Of Zelda for Wii U and it’s vast open world people have been wondering if the game will feature any side missions or other things to do or if there will be nothing to see and do. Well, now Nintendo has confirmed in an interview with youtuber iJustin that there will be many things to do “there may even be times where you forget what your goal is”.

I, myself, was one of the many people worrying about the game not having an actual story or that Nintendo wouldn’t give us something to do in that huge, gorgeous map. The reason was that Nintendo had previously stated the new Zelda’s story would be made by the players, which raised some questions as to whether that meant you had to let your imagination flowing or something else. Another reason was, although a very early prediction, the fact that the demo didn’t show any relevant sight or activity, other than some enemies.

They were all rushed conclusions, of course, as nothing else has been revealed about the game. Until now. Miyamoto has made it clear that Zelda U will have quite a big number of side missions. The Legend of Zelda franchise is not new to this kind of things. However, the time Nintendo has put more effort into the side quests of a Zelda game has been Majora’s Mask with magnificent results. That’s probably the time most gamers have forgot that the moon was about to squeeze everything because some of the side missions were very involving. No one can forget about Anju and Kafei…

That’s why knowing that Zelda U will also be very focused on the side quests has got me excited. They already prooved they can make such an immersive and emotional experience from side missions and it will definitely be interesting to try them out on the new game. Another thing is that all the team working in this project have already said that this is the Zelda game they have always wanted to create, so we can totally expect a lot of heart will be put into it.

The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will is set to be released at the end of the year. In the meantime, (and if no delays are known), we will surely get even more info regarding all the detalis about this new open world game. From plot details, to characters, even the new name. Most of this will likely be revealed on the E3 this summer, so have no choice to patiently wait.