Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag review


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By: Joe Lomán

So I’ve been playing some of the previous generation games that I considered really good and I just finished Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and I suddenly remembered why back in its day, it was considered the best AC, with some even comparing it to the legendary AC 2. And it makes sense in many factors. Both games came as a sequel to games that, while being fairly praised, didn’t exactly delivered the full potential they promised, leaving their sequels to do the job. AC 1 was meant to be a test to see if people liked the idea, and AC 2 was what the real deal. AC 3, while meant to be a complete game on its own, plus featuring a new engine and a bit more technology, didn’t deliver the experience it promised. But AC 4 was the game that really took advantage of the new engine and became a great experience and seemed to be a new step forward to the right direction of the franchise.

If there’s one thing Ubisoft has done right with their AC games, it’s creating a huge and immersive world that captures the essence of the epoch the games are set in, and this time we found ourselves in the amazing Caribbean seas during the Golden Age of Piracy in the 18th century, with our protagonist being (you guessed it) a pirate named Edward Kenway, grandfather and father of Assassin’s Creed III protagonists Ratonhnhaké:ton and Haytham Kenway respectively, in his journey to discover his destiny as an Assassin that will take him to the Observatory,  a First Civilization structure.

The reason why we are now watching Edward’s story is because in the modern era, the Templars are trying to find said Observatory for their own purposes, with the help of DNA samples from Desmond Miles, main protagonist of all the previous entries of the franchise, and the last known descendant of Edward. Meanwhile, the Templars are hiding their true motives by claiming to be creating a video game based on the life of the pirates using actual historical data.


This game has the same essence of the previous games. A parkour fan assassin with a huge talent in using the surroundings to blend and perform stealth assassinations in a big open world for you to explore and find hidden secrets. But some of the new features of this entry is that, as a story based on a pirate’s life, you get your own ship to sail across the Caribbean, looting and taking as you please from other ships in really engaging, intuitive and addictive naval combats. You can challenge basically every one of the different ships that are available, which are the Schooners, Brigs, Frigates, Man o’wars, Hunters and Legendary ships which are the closest to boss battles that I’ve seen in the franchise (and they are spectacular). After you’ve taken the ships down you can choose to either sink them right away with more cannon power or board them to take the ship as yours with the help of your crew, which I think is a really nice move.

The sea is full of different islands and early colonies with many some nice side activities, too. Assassination contracts that can be either on foot or naval contracts, with very nice rewards to improve your ship. And trust me when I say that when you see your ship getting stronger, you won’t want to stop upgrading it.

Something else that helps the atmosphere of the game feel unique is that, while sailing the seas, there’s no real background music, but rather shanties performed by the crew! It’s a really nice gesture to make you feel part of the sea. Sometimes I would just sail the seas for a while before the next mission to listen to them. Very addictive.


The only “down side” for me would be that, as the game takes place in early settlements of the British or Spanish governments, or other uncharted islands, there are not as many things to climb as in previous entries. Instead, the game itself focuses on bringing you more freedom on the sea itself to explore it on your own. And like I said, the sea itself with the naval combats are amazing, but there’s not much to do in the islands themselves other than the assassination contracts, since finding collectibles are not very rewarding and often becomes a bit boring and repetitive in every island.

Nonetheless, there are some cool side activities on the sea itself, too. At some point of the story you’ll be able to dive and search around sunk ships to find loot and treasures to upgrade your loyal ship with dangers of its own, like sharks, eels and jellyfish guarding the place. It’s like you have to act stealthy even under the ocean itself, and with the music that is played on the background, the tense is real.

Out of the ocean, the story itself is a really refreshing change of airs as our main protagonist, Edward Kenway, grew up knowing nothing about his Assassin talents, to which he refers to as “coming natural”, and is actually on the move to his own riches and fortune and occasionally helps folks, like the Assassin’s themselves, for a price. But the great thing here is that, unlike Ezio and Connor’s reasons to join the creed, Edward will find by his own mistakes and losses a more honorable way, and there’s not a more honest story for me, than the one of wanting to do things right and redeem yourself.


All this is also thanks to the charisma and charm of our protagonist who has a talent with words to get his adored treasure, rum and women. In addition, there are also non-playable characters in the game full of charisma, such as the grand Black Beard who likes to run shows as the Devil himself to get what he wants with the help of Edward.

However, the combat on foot itself continued to be a bit repetitive and boring. While the combo system remained after AC3, it’s still the same, unchanged mechanics where you can feel as if you were fighting against the same soldier every time, and will make you fond of using the stealth mechanic. After all, there’s always charm in being a silent assassin, and even more if the alternatives are boring.

To end with, if I had to choose a few words to sum up this game, it wouldn’t be “plot-twists” or “shocking” or “dramatic”, but rather “charismatic” and “engaging” in both the story and the naval combats. After all, even with the “finding his true self” kind of personal story of Edward’s, the real aim of this game is to portray the easy-going and free-of-rules kind of life that pirates loved to have. And that is done really nicely.

All in all, this was a game that represented a nice change of airs in the story, atmosphere and setting of the franchise, as well as a good step forward to upcoming games before they ran out of creativity. The story is engaging, the naval combats are something entirely fresh and addictive, the charisma of the pirates in the game is unique and essence of an Assassin’s Creed game was in it. If only the combat on foot would have been less repetitive, and the locations had been filled with more interesting side quests and collectibles, Black Flag would have been a master piece. But overall, it was a job well done.

8 stars



Suicide Squad review

 By: Joe Lomán

DC comics has had it rough in the last decade with trying to release movies that can be on par with its Marvel counterpart. This year, DC aimed big with two movies that promised to be blockbusters: Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad, with even Justice League, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash scheduled for the next years, so they get points for trying. Problem is, they still don’t seem to make it quite right. So far, both movies have ended being messy in many parts, although it’s true that Suicide Squad arises a bit of more hope of what to expect from the next movies. It seems like DC is finding its way, but at a very slow pace.

Suicide Squad is a movie that continues the DC (sometimes unintentional) formula. It has a darker tone than Marvel movies, and it also tries to have a plot, unlike most of Marvel movies, which rely more on the action sequences. But sometimes it seems that part of the formula is to make the plots very messy and senseless. Suicide Squad tries too much to have a developed script, and it works for moments, especially at the beginning when all the bad guys are teaming up, but at different points everything becomes even confusing that it doesn’t really matter anymore.

But it’s not so bad because the performances of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Will Smith as Deadshot are a real pleasure to look at. The chemistry between both is outstanding. Past half of the movie you end up caring more about these characters than the plot itself. “What about the rest of the characters?” I hear you asking. The truth is, that after some minutes of the movie, you get the impression that there are no more characters but these two, which is one of the biggest disappointments of the movie. The beginning of the film is really promising and it makes the job of making you stay to watch the rest, with all the characters having a great background story with their profiles on screen with the same art style as the promotional works for the movie. But that’s about it.


The truth is, that Harley Quinn and Deadshot steal the show, specially Joker’s girlfriend, but not in a healthy way. It’s clear that they were the favorites of the director David Ayser, who has actually made good jobs before at giving different characters their own importance, such is the case of his last movie, Fury (2014), but in this case, it’s just a disappointment to have so many promising characters and not seeing their real abilities to the fullest. This is something Marvel does outstandingly, no matter how many characters appear on screen, and DC still has much to learn from that.

Regardless, just like I said, Harley Quinn seems to be the favorite of the producers, and that is good in some way, because she’s in great part what keeps the movie going at an entertaining pace. Margot Robbie admitted she had to practice a lot to make a good role of her, and I can say the result is more than satisfactory.


To finish with, the atmosphere of the whole film is nice. The dark tone that characterizes DC is something I have always looked forward to. It is a nice change of airs from Marvel, making them having a unique characteristic. One of the biggest differences between Suicide Squad and the previous movie in the DC universe, Batman vs Superman, is that Suicide Squad tries to have a wicked sense of humor similar to Deadpool, and Harley Quinn is the main responsible for that. It works at times, it doesn’t during the rest of it.

So all in all, Suicide Squad is a step forward from what we saw in Batman vs Superman, but in no way it’s a total revolution. If you don’t get strict, you’ll get a good time. The action is good, the humor is good most of the times, some of the characters steal the show and make you love them, and it makes us wonder expectantly about the upcoming movies in the DC universe. However, if you are a loyal comic book lover, you may get a bit disappointed by the fact that the movie is not loyal to what it promises in the beginning.

7 stars


Mass Effect review


It’s been now 2 years since the new generation of consoles arrived but there’s no denying that the previous one had many games that left their mark in the gaming industry with high honors. Some of those games were undoubtedly the Mass Effect series and today I’m going to tell you about Mass Effect 1, specifically. Bioware achieved massive recognition with its Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in the original Xbox era, so the hype for a sci-fi RPG, third person shooter adventure was huge. Released in 2007, one year after the launch of the Xbox 360, it quickly began as one of the most revolutionary games that focused on a story that could be tailored by the players’ choices. Of course nowadays decision making in video games are not rare by any means, but Mass Effect was the pioneer of a mechanic that would become the base of the whole franchise. Instead of opting for some good and evil ending, it focused on saving the galaxy, but with the actions you thought were the best. And some of those decisions meant sacrifices. Big sacrifices that would shape the whole game in many ways.


It all takes place in the year 2185 when some years have passed since humanity discovered ancient technology that allows them to make Faster Than Light (FTL) travels and now they have joined the galactic community alongside other species of aliens who live in peace… most of the times. Commander Shepard has been sent to investigate a strange archeological discovery in the human colony of Eden Prime that will end up giving humanity the respect of the whole universe. When things go awry due to an agent of the galactic Council, Saren, gone rogue, Shepard is promoted to Spectre, agents that work as the “right hand of the council”, to travel beyond the stars to find and stop Saren from the evil plans he has.

So far the premise is simple. You are the good guy who has to hunt down the bad guy. But the beauty of this game comes in the form of which path you take to achieve that goal. Since the very beginning you are given the choice to make your character male or female and give him/her a pre-service history which can be Spacer, Earthborn and Colonist. Then, you have to choose one class for your character: Soldier, Infiltrator, Adept, Vanguard, Sentinel and Engineer. And finally, you have to choose a psychological profile that can be Sole Survivor, War Hero or Ruthless. If you are familiar with Bioware games by now, you might very well know that each customization you make for your character will affect the game in several ways, even being male or female will characters react different to you.

maxresdefault (1)


However, the choice that will have the biggest impact overall is the class. You’ve got many choices for it and all of them give you different combat abilities. Soldiers are specialized in all sorts of weapons Engineers have a talent for manipulating technical equipment and use it to their advantages in combat. Infiltrators have weapons and abilities to disable the enemy and find advantageous positions. Sentinels combine tech and biotic abilities to create a strong defense to the squad. Adepts are experts in biotics, which are used to manipulate objects and enemies telekinetically and create other ways of manipulating the environment. Vanguards are brutal opponents that combine weapons and biotics deliver fatal strikes to the enemy.

After your character has been created, the real thing gets serious. You just made a step into one of the probably most detailed stories in gaming history to date, and I include the new generation. Yes, being the good guy who tracks down the bad guy is far from being new, but the magic here is why everything is happening. It’s been a while since humanity found a way to explore the universe and coexist with aliens after a harsh welcome and the game has an incredible way of telling you the details that makes you stay in awe for hours. There’s a huge number of sources of background story scattered around the different places you visit but the main one is the dialogue that the characters have. They all have a unique past that it’s inevitable not to stay and listen to all they have to say. After every mission, characters will have even more to comment about their life or the mission and how everything fits into the current plot of the game.


Almost every time you find or hear a new concept or event narrated by a character, a codex will be updated with additional background story. If you are a person who doesn’t care much about the plot, you can skip all the background story and even the conversations to go right into the action without anything stopping you. However, we strongly believe that the story of this game has enough power to cause a huge impact on every kind of gamer out there. We, who are gamers with strong love for plots, lost ourselves into the magnificent background information in both the codex and the conversations with the characters.

But that’s not all! Remember we said you could choose the path you wanted? Well, that was not joke. Virtually every conversation you have with every character will give you several options to choose what to reply. These options will appear in the answer wheel that will have different outcomes. The left side will give you the option to investigate more about the story (there is too much!) while the right side will feature the paragon, renegade or neutral answers. These are the ones that will have a huge impact on the story, as they will determine not only who likes you or dislikes you, but also who will remain by your side and who will step aside, and some of these choices are not forgotten, carrying on to Mass Effect 2 and even 3.


To complete the game, a series of missions will be available to you, and how you play them will be determined by how you personalized your character. By experience, we can say that the classes we enjoyed the most were Soldier and Adepts, as weapons and biotics, which could be describe as the magic equivalent of other games, have a very strong impact in not only the gameplay, but in the story as a whole. They give a special touch to the mechanics of the game that provides a new experience to use what would be magic in fantasy games in a way that suits perfectly a sci-fi shooter. After all, both weapons and biotics complement each other to be used simultaneously, instead of being individual skills.


Of course, not all classes have those properties, so that’s when one of the most ambitious, yet polemic, elements of the game becomes relevant. The combat mechanics are both the most interesting and weakest points of Mass Effect due to several reasons. Throughout the game you choose 2 of your squadmates to accompany you on every mission, each one being a different class to complement the strengths and weaknesses of your Commander Shepard, but what makes it more dynamic is the fact that you can command each one of them to use one of their unique skills on an enemy, if you are ok with pausing the game for a brief 3 seconds, or let them do it on their own.

However, the AI was very questionable. When you let your characters fight on their own, they won’t exactly be very bright, as we found ourselves witnessing running into enemy fire just to keep dying every time. In addition, Shepard own controls are a bit hard to get used to, especially the cover system. You need to simply run and stick to the wall so that Shepard takes cover automatically. The only (serious) problem is that very rarely will he understand that he has to take cover, resulting in several frustrating seconds of your time until you get it right. This happened to us mainly when running, as Shepard can only sprint when in combat, and when he does, it’s more difficult to direct him to the place you want to take cover on, since probably you will end up taking cover in another, much closer wall you didn’t want to or even noticed.

The combat mechanics might look outdated for today’s standards by far, but, while it’s true that you’ll need a few minutes, you might forget a little bit about the difficulties of it and even enjoy it. Undoubtedly the ability to tell your squads which power to use is a great mechanic worth trying; but we saw ourselves in need of ordering to take cover and not move so that they didn’t get killed too much


And of course, this is an RPG game, so plenty of customization besides your character will be there. Hundreds of weapons, mods, armor and other upgrades are scattered around the whole game which will have a real impact on your own and your squad’s combat. Of course, some of these upgrades only work for specific classes, so, even if your Shepard won’t use one, your squadmates gladly will! There are, however, too many of the same objects, and, since it’s hard to keep track on them, you’ll have to be checking a lot of times your inventory to discard some of the upgrades to not reach your limit capacity.

Another questionable factor is the side quests. There are plenty of them out there, some which requires you to visit other planets. These quests are very rewarding, as you get very good upgrades or even more plot details, but the quests themselves are a somewhat repetitive to be fun.


We have already mentioned the great impact the story provided by the characters and codex has on the atmosphere of the game, but Mass Effect is a sci-fi game that uses many other resources to provide an incredibly rich atmosphere. You travel to other systems of the galaxy to fulfill your missions, and once the galaxy map becomes available to you, you get another proof of why this game feels deeper than you will probably think. You can’t visit all the planets, but all of them have a unique description that gives the game a sense of depth that makes you wonder about the real diversity of outer space. And the music is another strong factor that makes the whole space traveling feel peaceful and mysterious, while pushing you to delay your mission a little while and check out the planets and their descriptions.


While doing that, you might encounter some planets you can land on. But this is probably the only disappointing point of the atmosphere of the game because the planets you can land on, while providing some upgrades, they are very tedious to explore and repetitive, so it’s better to just forget about them and continue exploring the galaxy map.


The first of the Mass Effect games began as a great hit for the Xbox 360 and we can clearly see why. The story and atmosphere made this game feel extremely complete from beginning to end. Sure, there were some drawbacks, too. If you haven’t played this game yet, it’s likely that you will struggle to get used to the gameplay for a few minutes, but once you do, the reward is a wonderful experience. All the characters feel alive and the dialogues are so detailed that you can learn something new from them almost every time you interact with them and the choice-driven system makes the flow of the game feel yours. It’s a game we strongly recommend to the whole community.

Ranking: 9

9 stars


Life is Strange in-depth, spoiler FREE, review

By: Joe Lomán and Damla Karadenizli

Life is Strange is a unique game. Aside from some Telltale’s inspiration, it is clear that this is a game very different from the rest. It’s been a long time since story-telling became the central focus of some games, as well as having the player be responsible for their own choices, but no game has ever addressed this the way Life is Strange does. Dontnod gives the players the ability to rewind time, but not like every game where you die and respawn. In this game, rewinding time has real long-term effects. Some good, some bad. It is a story told in an atmosphere incredibly human that feels heartwarming since the very start. Sure, it’s far from being a perfect game, because there are so many times where it loses itself, but there’s no denying the emotional experience this game offers is quite memorable. It is a very deep story about friendship that at the same time focuses on telling you that rewinding time is a great power… but it is no game either. It’s a 5 episode journey that makes you think about the real consequences of “what if I had done things differently?”

Like I said, right from the very start you’ll instantly get the vibe that this is no game you’ve played before. The main menu appears with the Life is Strange musical theme that made me think of a gentle soul that can be broken with ease, which is what we foresee of the game. Hoping into the game itself, the atmosphere is quite unique. It’s probably the strongest element of the whole game. Firstly, the music accompanies the game in a very appropriate way. The cel-shaded graphics are a very charming sight for sore eyes. The characters are very memorable and they make you get along well with them, as well as hate others for how big their role is. Perhaps the voice acting is the only polemic topic about it, but it doesn’t make the characters less appealing.

This world is seen through the eyes of a teenager, Max, who is driven by hopes and dreams and aspires to be a great photographer one day. That’s why she went back to her hometown to study Photography at prestigious Blackwell Academy, where the only thing she cares about is having a normal, yet awesome, university life. But as you can guess, it is everything but normal. After a long day of school, Max only wants to clear her head a bit in the bathroom, but ends up witnessing a girl being shot right in front of her eyes. She screams as she rises her hand in desperation and next thing she knows, she’s back at her classroom, restarting her day exactly the same as some minutes ago… She just discovered she has the ability to rewind time.

Ok, you might say “Is that it? That’s how it starts?” and you have all the right in the world to ask that kind of question, since it is, literally, how it starts. But please, don’t get disappointed just yet. Yes, the introduction feels out of place. Instead of awing us with an epic introduction to make us excited about being able to rewind time, it feels like Dontnod just said to us “Here, you can do this. Have fun”. The good thing is that most of the rest of the game makes you forget about those awkward 5 minutes.

The world is not only about teenage problems. Something weird is going on in Arcadia Bay. Max has a vision about a potentially catastrophic eco-disaster, and somehow she believes everything is related to the mystery of a missing person that apparently everyone loved or hated, as well as to the “gift” she didn’t ask for. All this journey will make you discover the truth about several different mysteries.

And it is because that power to rewind time is what this game is all about. Max finally has a chance to impress people by redoing her actions and answering the right questions, as well as help people in distress. Max is living every teenager’s dream: the opportunity to go back in time and do the right thing. Situations where Max would normally give an embarrassing answer that would make everyone think she’s a weirdo are transformed at her own will having the complete opposite effect. Previously knowing what was the right thing to say, she now is becoming popular. It’s even adorable to see her excited about helping others because she knew what was going to happen.

But like it was said before, there’s more to Life is Strange than just a teenager’s life. And this is because all this is achieved through one of the main reasons for the game to exist. Those who have already played Telltale games are familiar with this kind of gameplay mechanics: choice making. It is quite obvious where the inspirations of this mechanic came from. A la The Walking Dead, most of the dialogue will have different options for you to choose what to say, including the option to keep asking more background story to the characters or going on with your life. But Life is Strange does a remarkable job at being its own original game instead of a carbon copy of another one that follows the same philosophy.

These are the key moments where rewinding time does its job at its best. After you have chosen to mock a character for being rude to you before, Max herself will doubt and wonder if she should have chosen to comfort her, motivating you to rewind and see what that other outcome is. But guess what? There is no “good” answer. Having the ability to know different short-term outcomes leaves Max with a lot of doubts as to what the long-term consequences will be. It is an extraordinary move from Dontnod to make us realize that the fact that you can undo your actions doesn’t always mean you’ll find the answer. You finally have the “but what if…” answer, but will a choice you make always be like you thought it would?

One might think that we can have the game already solved since the beginning but, actually, once you have left an area you’ll realize you can’t undo those previous actions anymore, a clear warning that you’ll have to be responsible for what you decided to do.

Again, Walking Dead style, your choices will not be for nothing, as at the end of every episode you’ll see all of your choices in the screen and the statistics of players around the world. However, unlike Telltale’s game, something quite nice is that you have two screens that show your decisions: one for the major choices, one for the minor choices. As you can guess, the major choices are the ones that will impact further episodes, but it is a nice touch to see that minor choices also have their own importance.

In addition, even during the course of the game, you’ll easily identify which ones are the major choices because you’ll be interrupted by a time-freeze with two different answers. It really helps the suspense grow, as you instantly know that this time you really need to think things through. You will still be able to rewind and choose a different answer, but it’s quite cool to know which moments will be key for future progress.

Before we continue, I’d like to point out that I personally believe it was way more dramatic that TWD gave us always a time limit to decide something without the chance to go back. But I also believe it is kind of cool to think that the time-freeze screen is some kind of self-defense mechanism for Max to avoid choosing wrong because, you know, she can now manipulate time. Which means extra points to Life is Strange for being original on its own.

And of course, it’s not that the only times you have interaction is through the dialogue. There are many things you can do to get distracted from the story. Max is a photographer, so you will have some opportunities to photograph some trivial scenarios that Max thinks are worth photographing. You can also speak with other characters and learn more about the story behind Blackwell, Arcadia Bay, or the mysteries itself. So you do have some freedom, too.

What Dontnod didn’t exactly took advantage of was the chance to create puzzles that involve this innovative mechanic. There are a few ones every now and then, but it was a great opportunity to fully exploit the potential of Max’s new ability. Fortunately, the plot itself steals the show most of the times so it is not a real problem. Although if you are the kind of gamer who prefers puzzles over story… maybe this is not the right place for you.

Regardless, as you keep progressing in the story, even since the first episode, you’ll understand why this game feels so humanly touching. As you explore the university and talk with your classmates, Max will always have a comment that suits her teenage spirit because she struggles to understand why things are the way they are, as well as expresses why she thinks something is cool or not so cool, including her crush on her favorite teacher, Mr. Jefferson.

After playing a little bit with time, the situations she just shaped the way she wanted will make Max’s best childhood friend, Chloe, reunite with her. This is the exact moment when everything begins to have a purpose. Chloe’s life has been too hard since Max left Arcadia Bay 5 years ago and now that they are together again, with the help of Max’s new super power, they are planning to solve all of the mysteries together. Max and Chloe’s relationship is something that keeps the magic of the game going.

Nonetheless, as we mentioned before, the game doesn’t have the best start. We are now talking about Episode 1 itself. It was not a bad episode, per se, because it had its moments. For example, discovering the awesome effects that rewinding time has or the emotional moments when Max and Chloe are reunited, the first interactions with very memorable characters that will make you wonder if they have a real purpose on the story and other crazy and twisted plot points that clearly are worth playing. But we really thought it needed something more because it never stops being just an introduction instead of an episode itself. Too many questions are aroused, and not in a “wow, what will happen next?” sense of the word, but in one that confuses us as to what is going on.

As the episodes go by, however, literally everything begins to change. During the course of the second episode is where we started to understand the real purpose of the world of Life is Strange. All those warnings about “choose wisely…” before the game even starts make sense at this point. More exploration, more character development, more background story, more time travelling stuff and definitely more jaw-dropping moments will totally make you instantly fall in love with this game. And we kid you not! Everything the first episode could have done better is now present in episode two. And the first incredibly shocking ending will be there right in front of your eyes.

Moving on, as you progress in the game with further episodes, the story becomes way too engaging to be true, honestly. Now that we know what to do and where to go, and are confident enough about our time travel power, everything plot wise becomes more engaging.

However… during the course of the episodes, there will be moments that are slightly boring because some of your decisions will not be dramatic anymore, as they are strongly related to previous choices you made, so it’s like you already know what to choose without thinking too much… at least that’s what happened to us. What makes it worse, too, is that as you progress even further… decisions become a bit too linear for a choice-driven game. There will be less moments where choices have drastically different outcomes. You will see the real consequences of some of your decisions from previous episodes, which is good while it lasts. But it really feels like Dontnod forgot a little bit about the impact of your potential choices to tell the one single story.

Which is definitely not exactly bad! The story itself is what will force you to keep playing and playing. Yes, choice making will definitely lose its relevance (until some point), but that doesn’t make it a bad game at all. As you keep going and going, everything starts becoming a plot twist with many shocking moments. And one thing that is for sure is that every single episode will end with a SERIOUSLY shocking cliffhanger. The story and the mechanics might lose their charm every now and then, but if there is something Dontnod does right, is to create a wonderful ending that makes you forget about those moments and continue to the next episode.

As you proceed to the conclusion… well, we have to be honest with all of you. We honestly believed it ended right the way it started, having very little impact on us. The conclusion is probably the most tedious part of the game. Don’t get us wrong, it isn’t a bad episode, either. There are epic and extremely heartbreaking conclusions to theories that you will probably make up along the way. But we do believe that it didn’t pay proper tribute to what the rest of the game had been so far. In any way, the endings will definitely satisfy you. Yes, you heard us right: there are different endings. So, we do recommend you: choose wisely.



I think Life is Strange is a game that carries inspiration from other games, but does a great job at being very original on its own. The story takes its time to make sense, but once it does, it never (and I mean NEVER) stops being engaging as it has a lot heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. Plus, the ability to rewind time and undo your previous action really becomes something truly innovative in video games. I also want to give extra points to the game for not making the whole game “solved” by undoing every one of your actions. The fact that Max’s powers have their own limits helps you be responsible for every choice you make. The bad thing I’d point out is that sometimes the game loses its way and forgets about what it was supposed to be. I also believe this time travelling mechanics allowed a lot of opportunities for many puzzles. It has some, yes, but it doesn’t feel like the game took proper advantage of that. However, we know that the game’s main priority is the story. And that is performed in an amazing way. The atmosphere, I mean the music, the art style, the characters, everything reminds you of how humanly real this game feels.

Score: 8/10

8 stars


Everyone knows that if the theme is “time travelling”, chaos is inevitable. Life is Strange is a game that shows us how complicated and harmful it is to play with time even if it seems  enjoyable and amazing to have the ability to rewind time, in the first place. Like it has been said before, there is more to Life is Strange than a teenager’s life and dreams. It’s a detective story, a thriller experience and more. Another point of view is the environment that the game has. In every episode, you see new places and realize that the game really focuses on making you see how the small pieces of the environment are important, from simple graffiti that act as a warning to the posters on the walls. And this game has secret messages in the background; these are the things that make the game more wonderful. Even if it has faults, Life is Strange has heart and that’s why it’s a game that must be played!

Score: 8/10

8 stars

Inside Out review


It’s been two years of absence and InsideOut is Pixar’s most triumphant return since Toy Story 3.

There’s a reason why I respect Pixar as a movie company. All their films are incredibly mature while mantaining that innocent and cheerful spirit of an animated film. Also, every new Pixar movie is quite unique and different from the rest.

Inside Out aroused a lot of expectancy from me because Pixar is already good at portraying deep topics, so, when I heard that they were making a movie about how the emotions work inside the head, I knew something big was coming.

But most importantly is that we are talking about the emotions inside 11 year old Riley, a young girl who’s life has been mainly guided by Joy, hence, most of her memories are happy ones. Riley’s life seems very colorful in every aspect as Joy, Fear, Disgust and Anger all co-work in a very efficient way. The only one that doesn’t seem to fit very well is Sadness, as nobody really knows what she is there for.

However, things start giving a radical turn when Riley has to move to another city because of her dad’s job. This means goodbye to everything she once knew and now she has to  face the changes of a new school, a new sports team, new friends… and the 5 emotions are having a very hard time trying to find new ways for Riley to be happy again.

The most brilliant aspect about this movie for me is the fact that everything is a total represantation of real life. Everything Riley lives is actually what real kids sometimes have to face when they are growing up and Pixar takes advantage of this to explain how the emotions become out of control and try to restore balance to them.

And everything becomes even deeper and better when the movie starts showing the conflict most people have between Joy and Sadness in a very funny and heartwarming way. The way Pixar shows how all the emotions have a very important role in daily life is quite unique to experience.

Great merit for the film to feel authentic and immersive goes to the main characters who are the emotions. Everyone has his own personality portrayed in an excellent way while caring for restoring emotional balance. Joy is always energetic and cheerful and literally glows of happiness; Sadness is always remembering the possible sad outcomes; Fear is the one responsible for the second thoughts about decisions; Disgust is always judgmental; and Fear is the one who can’t tolerate injustices.

Another great aspect of the film is that everything is told in a very funny way. All the jokes have to do with the emotions and how the head of a little girl works. It’s enough to say that even the jokes make sense with the plot and are not just silly random jokes.

There are even short scenes where we visit Riley’s parents heads and see how their respective emotions work based on their personality, which results in very hilarious moments.

There are heartbreaking scenes, too. Another big topic in the movie is forgotten memories, and some of those memories end up being crucial for the film’s plot,  and when we see them vanish, it’s truly heartbreaking.

As a whole, Inside Out results in yet another masterpiece from Pixar. I really hadn’t enjoy another Pixar movie that much since those days of Toy Story 3. In fact, if you pay attention, there are some elements in Inside Out that will remind you of that movie, too.

Inside Out is a movie that has it all. It’s beautifully animated, the plot is a perfect combination between a deep story and a funny one, the jokes make sense with all the plot, it’s a new and great way to show kids and adults alike the importance of emotional balance…. I would say those 2 years of waiting for a new Pixar movie were worth it.

10 stars

Rating: 10

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U review


A classic that keeps getting better every time.

Nintendo is undoubtedly the best when it comes to keep old franchises fresh and alive. Super Smash Bros. is one of those. This is one of Nintendo’s bestselling video game franchises ever and with the 4th entry it seems everything will remain that way for a very long time. And this is because Smash Bros. now has more and better stuff. If you thought you had seen it all in Brawl or even in Melee, think again.

The franchise is already unique for its gameplay. It’s not your typical fighting game. Unlike the rest, there’s no health bar that decreases every time you get hit. Here, it’s the other way around. Your life percentage increases as you get hit and the higher the number, the easier it is to smash you out of the stage. When there’s no way you can return to the stage, you lose a life. That has been the whole concept of the saga throughout its 16 years of life but every new game has managed to brought something that turns out to be exactly what it needed to be better.

The thing that always gets a lot of hype is the new characters that join the Smash family. It is the first thing everyone notices. We haven’t seen such a big increase in the number of playable characters since the jump from Smash 64 to Melee. And it’s always a joy to see how Masahiro Sakurai manages to make every single character fit in the Smash universe, no matter where they are coming from. That includes the guest characters Sonic, Megaman and Pacman.


The fighting commands are very similar for every character, as the veteran players might recall from previous games. It’s basically common knowledge now that if you hold the A button while aiming sideways, upwards, or downwards, the result will be a very strong hit in that direction, if you press B while aiming upwards, you’ll get your third jump which is also an attack and so on. Perhaps where you will see more difference is with the B button attacks. Those are basically custom moves for everybody. Mario has his fireballs, cape and FLUDD, Link has his bow and arrow, boomerang and bombs, etc.

However, I’m not trying to say that the other moves are the same for every character. Even if the gameplay obeys a similar pattern for everybody, every single one of them comes with his own fighting personality and unique set of moves that match their essence seen in their respective games. And it is portrayed so well that you sometimes forget about the pattern, even with almost 50 characters to choose from!Smash-Update-31Jul15-1

I personally had a lot of fun trying out Lil Mac. As a boxer, his moves match those of a boxer while having that fantastic touch of a Nintendo game. Even his dodges look realistically fun! Other veteran characters have been polished a little, too. The most significant example is Bowser. He now has a vastly more intimidating look both while standing, running and attacking, which really helps him to be seen as one of the most iconic villains in video games. Everybody will have fun trying the veteran and new guy’s attacks because it seems Nintendo never run out of ideas… most of the times.

Even with the arrival of so many characters, some of them look slightly…. Unnecessary. Brawl made us thought that 100% clone characters would never be part of the franchise again. But now, it seems they came back for more. Dr. Mario makes his reappearance after being absent in Brawl with the same attacks as Mario. Lucina is a new Fire Emblem character making her debut as a complete clone of Marth. Link and Toon Link with slight differences, Pit and Dark Pit…

The strange thing here is that there are other characters whose alternate costumes are a complete different character, but with the same moves. These include Bowser Jr, being his alternate costumes his 7 brothers, the Koopalings, male Robin and female Robin, Male Wii fit Trainer and female Wii fit trainer… I said it was strange because they could have easily made Dr. Mario an alternate costume of Mario, and so on. Lucina is a great character but nobody would have gotten angry if she had been an alternate costume of Marth. I somehow think they are kind of stealing the show for other characters that could fit in better as separate fighters than these ones. Daisy and Waluigi, for example, are the only ones missing from Mario’s main characters, and it would have been more fun to watch them fighting than Dr. Mario. But that’s just my opinion.

Now, enough with the characters. Let’s talk about the different modes to play Smash Bros. The newest attraction in this game is of course the 8th player Smash. There probably was a time where most of us thought that 4 players were enough but Nintendo has proven us wrong! Even if it can’t be played online, if you manage to get other 7 people play alongside you, the fun is quite huge. Especially with these giant stages that have been here since Melee, like the Zelda Temple or Kid Icariu’s Palutena’s Temple. Even better, now you can choose from a wide variety of controls to play with! You can choose among the Wii U’s gamepad, the Wii’s Nunchuk and Wiimote, the Gamecube Controllers, and even the Nintendo 3DS is a controller! Although for this one to work the player has to own the 3DS copy of the game. Nonetheless, the options are a lot!

The Classic Mode is here again (there’s a reason why it is called that way) but with huge differences. If you’ve played previous Smash games you might remember that it was all about choosing your character and fighting several fighters with some mini game stages throughout 10 levels. Well, those days are over. This time, you have to choose which group of characters you want to fight through 5 rounds. With no mini game stages anymore. It is a funny way to fight most of the characters, since very rarely you fight 1vs1. It might not be as memorable as the other classic modes featured in the previous games, but, it is utterly fun as it is the hardest challenge you will ever see in a Smash Bros. game.

You probably know by now that Master and Crazy hand are always the final bosses in this mode, however, if you beat them both with a difficulty level of 8 or higher, you will have SEVERAL boss fights afterwards, which will definitely test your fighting skills. This is also due to the fact that if you die, and choose to “continue”, the level of difficulty lowers down half a level. Which means, you only have 3 tries (9, 8.5 an 8) to beat all the classic mode, because if you beat Master and Crazy hand with a difficulty level of 7.5 or lower, you don’t get the rest of the cake.

It’s not exactly that you miss a lot, but it’s quite a challenge even for experienced gamers to try it out!

The All-Star mode is here again as well. It basically works the same way but with a slightly different, funny addition. Now, you will fight groups of character that will appear in their reverse chronological order. Starting from the newest (Greninja), to the oldest (Mr. Game & Watch). It definitely helps you see what a vast history video games have.

The only mode which is “missing” this time is the story mode. I was extremely disappointed when I heard the news from Sakurai that there wouldn’t be a story mode. Not because of the plot, per se, but because of many other things. First of all, in Brawl, the Subspace Emissary was a great way for us to try and get to know every character of the game in stages based on the actual games the characters were from. Secondly, the trailers for every newcomer were absolutely amazingly beautiful. Before hearing the news, I thought “Oh my god, the cutscenes in the story mode will look completely gorgeous”. I mean, watching Link and Marth fighting Shulk in an intense swordfight, Mario and company facing the koopalings… all of these left me wishing for an epic story mode.

Masahiro Sakurai even admitted that the reason why the story mode wouldn’t be present was because he was disappointed that many people decided to watch those Brawl’s cutscenes on the internet instead of discovering them by themselves in the game, which was clearly his intention. However, there’s something odd here. Nowadays, with YouTube, Twitch and all, every game is vulnerable to that same situation and it’s not going to change any time soon. But, anyway, the fact that there’s no story mode this time doesn’t mean any less points for Smash 4. It’s sad for me, but it doesn’t make it a bad game at all, since there are so many other things that will keep you busy for a while. The events similar to those from Melee are back, the home run contest, the Multi-man smash mode, etc. are there as well, and with so many characters to choose from, things become way funnier.

One last thing I want to talk about is the atmosphere. The graphics have been polished in a way that it is quite more colorful than Melee and Brawl, however, it doesn’t make it look less mature than what it is. On the contrary, it is quite a sight for the eye and in HD it just looks gorgeous. The music has also changed, and, even if it’s not as memorable as Melee and Brawl’s main themes, it surely gives an epic touch to the game.

So, all in all, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is a remarkably complete game. There are more characters that fit in this universe so well, and there are so many mode to play that you never get bored of it that Sakurai has proven us that when it comes to Smash, the more, the better. For all this Super Smash Bros, for Wii U receives an outstanding score of 9. Perhaps there are some things that could be better but there’s definitely nothing missing here.

9 stars

Rating: 9.5


Mario Kart 8 review

Mario Kart left its mark very early in gaming history and it still continues its legacy as one of the best racing games of all time. The 8th entry in the series really surpasses everything we have seen before by combining everything that has made Mario games a blast in the last years.

The first thing you’ll ever notice is the amazingly gorgeous visuals in this game. Nintendo has chosen to use a more colorful art style in their games since a long time ago. Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Skyward Sword and even Zelda U, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS and now Mario Kart 8; all of them feature more vivid colors with stunning lightning that the games will always be a pleasure to the eye. If you combine this with the fact that this time Nintendo has made the tracks even wilder, with lots of U turns, inclines, slopes, and even upside down stretches that defy the laws of gravity, the game ends up being a visually master piece.

Boy, Nintendo really likes messing up with gravity. Well, its inclusion in Mario Kart couldn’t be more welcomed! Also featuring the gliders that made their debuts in Mario Kart 7, the anti-gravitational effect really becomes a very good addition to the series. The tracks that put all of this to the test are honestly quite fun and original. There are the typical 4 cups tournaments, every one more difficult than the previous. But there was something that caught my attention: there are a few tracks that don’t require you to make 3 full laps of it. Instead, it’s one single lap, but divided in three sections. I thought that was really original because that way, the whole track is different and it’s more difficult to know what is expecting you ahead!

As it has been custom, there are also other 4 cups that bring old tracks from previous games to this race. But what’s cool this time, is that not only have they been remastered, they have also been added all those gravitational effects, with wilder turns and so on, which is very impressive. There is the classic Moo Moo Farm that, in my opinion, is the best looking track of the whole game. It looks taken right out from a movie!

Ok, enough with the tracks. Let’s talk about the characters now. The whole Mario Party team is back again as usual, but now there are more characters that decided to join the party this time. We’ve seen the koopalings lately in a lot of games. Ever since their debut in the 90’s, they didn’t make a return until Super Mario Bros. Wii, and it seems they decided to stay. For as much as I like those characters, there’s something that I didn’t really agree very much with. I honestly think Nintendo included some unnecessary characters this time. First of all, I’m not saying the koopalings are not welcome, of course they are! But it still is a little bit weird not to see Bowser Jr. when all his brothers are present. And there’s also Metal Mario, Gold Pink Peach and Tanooki Mario as DLC. They are not 100% Mario and Peach clones because they are heavier, which makes you rethink about your kart customization, but still, sometimes I feel those slots could have been given a better use with other independent characters.

I mean, Bowser jr., for a start, Birdo, maybe even Petey Piranha and King boo, if they wanted a heavy character so badly… I don’t know, I just think there were more options that could have made things better. Having a lot of koopas and skins for Mario and Peach makes it feel that there are very few racers once the game has just started. But that’s just my opinion.

In any way, once the race has just started, the game will instantly become the best Mario Kart you’ve ever experienced. Because, well, I’m not saying I am the best player available, but I thought that, once you had already mastered the controllers and tracks in previous Mario Karts, it was pretty easy to say goodbye to the competence and stick with the first place forever. But this is definitely not the case here. CPU will always be right behind you, and everybody will get deadly items to attack you at any time. It’s extremely easy to go from 1st place to 7th place, I kid you not. Speaking of the items… the classic items we all know are back, but now there are three new additions to the sets. The boomerang, the piranha plant and for the first time ever, something to repel the blue shell. Oh, those disgraceful moments seem to be over now for whoever is in 1st place. Once again, they are more than welcome. The more the better. Except for one specific item…

I personally think the coin couldn’t be more useless as an item. Coins in the game help you unlock new kart customizations, so it’s good that you grab them as you race. However, there are already too many spread throughout the tracks that when one single coin comes out of the item boxes the feeling you might get is no other than “why? I so need a red shell, a mushroom, even a green shell would be nice at this point!!” But no… you get a coin. But oh well, I think not everything could have been perfect.

But of course, if you are new to the series, don’t worry, there’s always 3 different modes to play, as the veterans should know very well by now: 50cc, 100cc and 150cc. The higher the number, the faster the game will be and the harder it will get, so, as usual, there’s always something available for newcomers and veterans alike.

Which takes us to the wildest addition ever in a Mario Kart game: the 200cc mode! Ever since it was announced as a free DLC everybody got excited and with a reason! Let me tell you, the speed this time is crazy!!! If you think you would never need to use the breaks in a turn or something, think again, because this new mode will definitely put everyone’s skills to the ultimate test. I don’t care how much you think you know the tracks by now… you will definitely end up crashing a lot, falling a lot, and struggling to get in the first places for a while.

In fact, this new mode just confirms that everything in the game has become faster. Even when you fall, good guy Lakitu will take you back to the stage pretty fast. Because you WILL need to get back to the track fast, trust me.

Finally, you know what other cool DLC is available right now? Yes, you got that right. Now the villagers from Animal Crossing and Link from TLOZ have arrived to the party with some tracks of their own! Is this a good thing? Totally! Especially when the developers were running out of ideas of what characters to implement. Guess it will become Super Kart Bros. one day?

So, all in all, Mario Kart keeps evolving as a series that feels fresh every time a new game comes out. Everything that was already cool of every Mario Kart game on their own has come to make this 8th entry one of the best racing experiences ever. Even with some minor things I still don’t agree with, the visuals are stunning, the tracks are wilder, the speed has increased, everything has changed for the better. With all being said, I am sure that Mario Kart 8 deserves a solid 9.5.

9.5 stars

Rating: 9.5


Top 4 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword FACTS

Every game is deeper than we think it is. Skyward Sword came out nearly 4 years ago and it managed to pay tribute to Zelda’s 25th anniversary as well as revolutionize the way we play. But a lot of things happened during the development of the game that the final product almost became very different than what we got to play. Take a look at the Top 4 Skyward Sword facts!

Cinderella review

There has been a notorious trend of adapting fairy tales to the big screen in the form of live-action films in the last years but most of them have been negatively received by the people. Some of them tried to look too matured that the essence of what was once a colorful story was forgotten, such as Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood. However, this time, Disney has changed that stigma by presenting, with Kenneth Branagh as the director, a live-action version of Cinderella that manages to keep the essence of a true fairytale while adding some new refreshing elements that make the experience heartwarming.

It’s still the same concept for the story. Ella (Lily James) was a young and generous girl whose life had no signs of sadness. One day, her mother passes away after reminding Ella to always “have courage and be kind”. Her beloved father, worried for Ella’s loneliness while he is away for business, marries Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett), who moves in with her two daughters Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drizella (Sophie McShera) to become Ella’s new family. In an unexpected turn of events, her father passes away during one of his travels, and she is forced to live by the abuse of her mean stepmother and sisters… until the fairytale magic will change her faith.

Everything so far might sound like everything we already know, but that’s just the beginning. It’s not the conventional girl that daydreams of his prince all the time or the love-at-first-sight kind of tale or other cheesy stuff. This time, both Cinderella and Prince Kit have some slightly convincing backstories that make us believe their love is genuine. Besides, the movie doesn’t revolve only about the love, but also around some other values, such as forgiveness and kindness that gives the movie a refreshing new look that is now more enjoyable for the whole family to watch, not only children, or, rather, girls. That promise of always being kind and courageous fairly plays a vital role for the story to feel different than the original 1950’s film while having its own fairytale magic.

Great merit is due to main actress, Lily James. Truthfully, there wasn’t a better choice to portray a Disney female protagonist than her, as she has all the charisma, kindness, grace and innocent look that her character requires. The way her emotions fluctuate from sadness to joy is quite adorable, actually. And the rest of the casting has a very decent job, too. Blanchett makes a terrific job at showing that despicable look towards Ella in a way that she manages to steal the show once she is in the screen. However, I have to give special credit to Grainger and McShera for their roles as Ella’s stepsisters. And it’s because they depict the dorky essence of their animated counterparts so well that watching them is utterly funny.

Most of the characters have their participation done right, yet, sadly, some of them are responsible for the only times the movie loses its flow and becomes boring. The director tried too much to give to the mice, Ella’s best friends, a lot of participation, but they end up being dully irrelevant for most of the flick, since they are (unintentionally) shown as nothing more than, well, mice, that the spectator might think Ella is a little crazy for talking with rodents when she is feeling down. Their only good moment is when they are transformed into white horses that will pull the magnificent carriage that was once a pumpkin, as the CGI is quite nice to watch in those few seconds. At least it’s good that they don’t appear all the time.

Alice 2010 missed the heart of a princess story and it made us think those live-action adaptations were unnecessary. Nonetheless, Maleficent was a remarkable and touching new look for the story. With Cinderella being its second success at bringing fairytales to live action films, Disney has confirmed that they are the most suitable candidates when it comes to magic tales. Other studios have tried to do the same with other well-known names (Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast) but, sometimes one thinks that they should let the experts do it, instead. Sure, this film might not be for everyone, but if you are the kind of folk who enjoys some of the Disney charm, trust me when I tell you that this movie is totally worth it.

8.5 stars

8.5/10 stars


The Imitation Game review

There have been a lot of movies about World War II since memorial times but there are very few of them that focus on subjects that happened behind all the combat. Fury already took us to experience what it is like to actually live a war with all its cruelty from the eyes of the soldiers. This is why we normally tag them as the only heroes but The Imitation Game is a movie that tells us one of the greatest secrets in history of how Alan Turing was one of the most important men during the war but why his story had to be kept as secret. It’s a movie about the incredibly touching story of Alan’s personal and professional life as he had to face the importance of keeping secrets in order to help himself and others.

Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) was a mathematician who lived at the peak of the Nazi’s era and was hired to try to decipher the German’s code so that England could end the war faster. They had this German machine called Enigma that received the codes every day at dawn but every midnight the code was reset, so they had to start working from scratch all over again the next day. Alan believed something else was needed, a machine that could act and think faster than humans. His only problem is that he is socially awkward so his colleagues don’t trust him on his new machine, therefore, he has to try and get their empathy if he wants to make that machine work.

Everything that makes this movie highlight is mainly due to Cumberbatch. He is quite an actor and he demonstrates it in every single one of this scenes. Alan is an arrogant and lonely mathematician that believes everyone is slowing him down. It sounds like someone that would be hated by everyone, but, instead, Benedict does a great job at portraying him so good the audience can’t help but to grow fond of him. As the story progresses his boss isn’t happy with the results and are planning to shut down his machine and to see how Benedict reacts to that is something touching and eye-catching.

Keira Knightley also proofs once again her respectable talent. Her character has to face the awkwardness of working surrounded by men and her role as Alan’s most trusted colleague and friend is very mature and charming. The rest of the cast also perform a quite amazing job. The transition from the nuisance of having to work with Alan to respecting him and believing in his work feels so natural.

The team makes up a great brotherhood as they keep failing together day after day for a whole year and going to bars at night to relieve their stress. It’s in one of these moments when, after what started as a funny moment, ends up being the best clue to solving the puzzle. It’s one of the greatest points in the screenplay due to the fact that one can’t help but to feel the same emotion of finding the key where nobody would expect to find it as them. The reason why Alan Turing and his work was kept in secret for so long is addressed in such an immersive way full of emotions and excitement. The movie ends with a “bang” not only due to Alan’s life but with a powerful message about how computers, as we know them today, had a much deeper history than anyone would thought.

2014 was a great year for science in movies. We’ve had Interstellar, The Theory of Everything and now The Imitation Game. The first one just won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and the other two films were nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor. Trust me when I tell you The Imitation Game’s nominations is very justified. The story of World War II has been addressed many times in the big screen already but this production takes a much deeper path with a story about heroes nobody knew about until recently. Surely everybody will grow fond of Alan Turing after witnessing his great accomplishments and how he had to live a sad life after the events of the war. Hail Cumberbatch for that great performance.

9 stars

Rating: 9/10 stars